Experience Lab: the events

Our local area is so rich that we believe its worth exploring some areas related to history, the lagoon, the city of Venice and agriculture with you.

Every week, from July to the beginning of September, we will meet for a talk with experts. You can listen, and participate, taste, and learn. Here are the dates:

The Discovery

With his shots the photographer Philippe Apatie invites you to discover Venice from a new and original perspective.

Wednesday 28/07, 11/08, 1/09 at 6 pm, Piazzetta Reception.

The History

The Forts of the coastline: stories of men and memories of the territory between Amalfi and Pisani Battery.

Wednesday 4/08 at 6 pm, Piazzetta Reception.

The Lagoon

Esploring the Venice Lagoon, between sandbanks and fishing valleys to dive into timeless colors and spaces.

Wednesday 18/08, 8/09 at 6 pm, Piazzetta Reception.

The Taste

Local farmers of Cavallino Treporti show their seasonal products to taste and buy.

Thursdays, 4.30-8 pm,  at the Experience Lab.

Taste 2_giovedì