Medium-low difficulty routes for families

There are many routes stretching along dirt roads along the rivers of the territory, where the cyclist can be totally immersed in the nature. These medium-low difficulty routes are suitable for families with children or teen agers quite able to cycle.



1. Route of Vegetables

This itinerary is the best choice for those who want to be immersed in the food and wine tradition of the area. The route stretches along a circular path on Cavallino-Treporti peninsula, where you can visit some farmhouses and a taste local products.

If you choose this route, remind you will ride your bike (a mountain bike is not required) over 32 kilometers, for a 4 hours ride on half paved and half dirt road.


2. Rose route

A two hours ride for a distance of about 24 kilometers partly on a paved road and mostly on a dirt road. The route is very impressive, because it stretches along the bank of the Piave, starting from Cortellazzo, a small fishermen village near the mouth of the river, arriving in the North West of Jesolo.

The itinerary can be practiced even in the middle of Summer, as the left bank of the Piave river offers a cool shelter from the sun, thanks to the trees with their green foliage. Orchards, vineyards and cultivated fields will accompany the cyclist along the route, highly recommended to discover the variety of local vegetable and fruit production.

A mountain-bike is suggested for this route, even the low difficulty.


3. Green Route

From the heart of Jesolo Paese starts a suggestive route that goes straight to Santa Maria di Piave, stretching along the bank of the river Sile. A true panoramic tour through the natural landscapes of the area, crossing the beautiful lagoon of Venice. From Drago street  you will cross the  area of Torre Caligo, through the meanders of the Sile river. An itinerary to discover the river, riding along a bank on the way and on the way back on the opposite one.

A mountain-bike is requested for this medium difficulty route: a 3 hours ride for 29 kilometers.

Another reason to take this panoramic tour are the many inns and farmhouses for a break tasting typical products.