“Smart Destination in the land of Venice”

The company Vianello Vittorio S.p.A. has joined the RIR Smartland and within this Innovative Regional Network represents, with Camping Ca’Savio, one of the non-hotel tourist enterprises beeing part of the wider reasearch project towards creation of a smart destination in the land of Venice.

The need to innovate and move towards digital processes to improve the turisti offer and to adopt a data driven approach to guide the businesses choices is the essential motivation for Vianello Vittorio S.p.A. to start a project to experiment useful instruments and technologies to collect data different in terms of sources (multiple in origin and systems) and features (quantitative and qualitative data), and to store them in a Data Lake through APIs to be then used and elaborated  for predictivng purpouses. The data collection is focused at monitoring and creating models to optimize and customize the tourism offer, increasing effectiveness and facilitating the use of services by tourists, to improve their experience both inside the facility and in the surrounding area, using resources more efficiently also in a perspective of a sustainable developlement of the company.

Intervention realised with funding from Veneto Region – POR FESR 2014-2020 S

Support granted to Vianello Vittorio S.p.A. of € 91,010.5

For more information and details: https://www.smartlandvenice.it/por-fesr/