Green PLUS

Camping Ca’Savio offers more than just fun and holiday, now more than ever we want to let you experience our nature and discover our local surroundings, where land and water are immersed together.

To share in our journey towards a greener and more sustainable future we have created our garden kit. We speak directly with the adults of tomorrow by letting them discover the joy of taking care of plants and flowers and getting their hands stuck in the soil. This way we help prepare them for a greener tomorrow.

This is a fantastic selection of easy-to-grow plants and flowers for children. All seeds are easy to grow and big enough for small hands to pick up, making it extra easy for kids to grow. Inside the kit you will find 3 types of vegetables and 2 plant types.

Follow the 6-step guide to learn how to plant your seeds, how to care for them, what to do after they germinate, and how to replant them outside or in a pot.

Keep following our channels to continue growing with us. This is a project that blossoms as it grows, with much more fun and info coming. Like recipes, tips and tricks and more info on the flora and fauna of Camping Ca’Savio.

Remember, you can buy the ‘Orto’ grow kit in the Experience LAB on the campsite.

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