Treviso is about 60 km far from the campsite: see the route.


What to see:

  • Piazza dei Signori: the “Palazzo dei Trecento” (where you can admire frescos and decorations), the city Tower and the Prefettura palace
  • The Loggia dei Cavalieri (XIII cent.) and Calmaggiore (probably an ancient roman road), a noble route with many elegant buildings
  • The Dome, with the Crypt of the XII century, the altar-piece of Tiziano and frescos of Pordenone
  • The walls of Frà Giocondo and Alvano
  • The frescoed houses all around the city center, the houses built near the Sile river and by several canals, the arcades on Buranelli canals
  • S. Caterina Church (XIV cent.), with the marvellous Cappella degli Innocenti and the frescos cycle of the Storie di S. Orsola, painted by Tommaso da Modena
  • The Dominican Church of S. Nicolò (frescos of Tommaso da Modena) and the the Church of Santa Lucia (1389), with frescos of Tommaso da Modena
  • City museum “L. Bailo”, with paintings of the XIV cent. and the Renaissance (G. Bellini, L. Lotto, Tiziano etc.), sections dedicated to Maneirism (I. Bassano e Pozzoserrato), to the XVIII cent. (F. Guardi, A. Longhi) and Arturo Martini
  • The italian most important collection of advertising poster “Salce”.



  • Terraglio road with historical villas
  • Oderzo, city of Venetian origin; and its important archeological sites spread out in various parts of the city.
  • Asolo, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, defined as the ‘city of the hundred horizons’
  • Villa Emo (1560 ca) in Fanzolo, rural masterpiece of A. Palladio
  • Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto
  • La road Prosecco and the wines of the hills, which runs betweens hills and villages, drives you through wine tasting and purchasing of d.o.c wines (D.O.C. Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco and Superiore di Cartizze, D.O.C. Colli di Conegliano: White, Red, Torchiato di Fregona e Refrontolo Passito)


We suggest:

  • A visit to the small and typical restaurants called “osterie”, where you can sample local wines (Prosecco, Cartizze, Refrontolo) and the traditional dishes “cicchetti” (meat, fish or vegetable snacks)
  • A walk along the river Sile on the “Restera”.