Sensory garden

A garden that isn’t just a garden.

So what is it?

Our sensory garden is a place where we want to nurture nature’s admirers and inspirators. We feel that above all else Camping Ca’Savio is a place of harmony, where nature and its visitors should co exist in balance.

Our sensory garden is an expression of that balance.Through fun, education, relaxation and active experiences we want to share with you our vision of a harmonious campsite.

We hope you enjoy this stepping stone as much as we do! As you will probably see, our garden is still young and the 10.000 plants are like babies, meaning they are still very delicate, need care and you can see them growing, changing shape, colours, height week after week…

That’s how it will look like in a year… And it’s just its summer dress…

giardino sensoriale-primavera

Are you curious to know how it will be in fall? Stay tuned and in October we will tell you ;-)

What can I do and see inside the sensory garden?

Walking along the new pedestrian street you will come to the sensory garden. You can just go through or let yourself be captured by the colours and smell of plants, strolling between meadow and flowerbeds of perennials, hearing the rustle of leaves in the wind…

Our garden is just not a space to admire nature, but here you can let your thoughts flow too, discover art, play and live new experiences with the activities of Ca’Savio Plus or simply take an outdoor break at the nearby bar in str. 37.