Autumn has arrived

So long, summer 2020…

Autumn is most definitely in the air.

With this in mind, we’ve done our homework and gathered Ca’Savio’s best parts for an autumn update. What happens during the months when we don’t host guests in a place as beautiful as Ca’Savio you might think?

Well, we’ll tell you a secret… Autumn is actually a beautiful time here. Days get shorter for sure, but the weather is lovely and warm.


So apart from just considering ourselves lucky we have 2 main projects.

The first: our personal favourite is easy. We try to leave all the green alone. Yes, we maintain but we let nature do its work and so we sit back and watch the colours slowly go from green to yellow and red.

The second: we clean up and pack away everything. from our kids’ club to the pool, everything gets some love and attention and made ready for a winter sleep.


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