Ca’Savio Beach

The beach in front of Camping Ca’Savio is dedicated to the guests of the campsite and extends for 1 km in length. Its golden sand and natural dunes are perfect for relaxing in the sun and playing.

Walking along the numerous paths, that directly connect the campsite to the sea, nature is the protagonist and the gaze passes from the vegetation of the dunes to the wide expanse of a sandy beach sloping down to the sea, calm and of a blue that blends with the sky.

On our beach you have plenty of space available and you can freely choose where to spread out your towel and let the children play, without the worry of disturbing the neighbours. If you are looking for some extra comfort, you will also find an area equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds.



The beach of Camping Ca’Savio is fascinating for its natural appearance: during the day you will see the dunes, essential to protect the inland areas from the wind, from winter storms and to retain the sand reducing the erosion of the beach, and at night instead you will only hear the sound of the waves and in the darkness illuminated only by the moon you can admire a sky full of star. No artificial lights to disturb the beautiful view or the animals, this has been our choice.

Ca'Savio Beach