It’s not a boundless park, neither a small grassy field with some flowerbeds, our Garden is a space where you will find hundreds of perennial plants, meadows, trees with leaves and knotty branches, there is a lot of light and many shades.

Already dreamingly crossing it by bike you can feel the energy of nature, but it’s when you slow down and walk barefoot in the garden that you discover its essence. The Garden is a symphony of colors and scents, it’s rich of biodiversity and full of life, with bees and butterflies flying around, it’s a place to change perspective, think, recall memories and find yourself like a child.

There are no straight lines, not even an entrance or exit. You will find instead a winding path, inviting you to discover what’s beyond every turn, to look in other directions, in a sequence of stops that become occasions to write stories, always different. The Garden recognizes you, adult or child, surprises you with an art installation bringing you somewhere else, it tells you about the past with voices of trees, guardians of landscape, inviting you to look at shades to discover a plot of relations connecting you and nature.

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Amazed like a child

There’s a field, open and free, inviting you to sit down and find again the eyes of a child, eyes that see others and, see beyond. Here you have an occasion to play with kids, as children.

Unexpected Art

Along the path, after a turn, protected by plants, suddenly you find the sculpture of the artist Gregorio Botta: nine large lead plates  with engraved words of the famous poet Keats “Here lies One Whose Name was writ in Water”  and from carved metal, almost cutted, appears some water, that resembles a tear and is both symbol of rebirth and new life.

The Guardians

If you raise your eyes, everything changes shape and meaning. Other than trunks, bark, branches, you look at trees and see them as guardians of the land, symbols of adaptation, change and connection between environment and community.

The Theatre

You find yourself at the center of the scene, among lights and shades made by the trees, you are the main character of a story where lives and relations are weaved together, people and places in an endless plot.