"I used to come for a holiday to camping Ca’Savio with my parents and now I come with my family"


For many of our guests the summer holidays at camping Ca’Savio are a family tradition.

Nowadays there are a lot of services and facilities, but the relaxed and friendly atmosphere has remained the same for the last 50 years.


The campsite opened in the 1961. The trees were small, there were no bungalows or mobile homes and no swimming pools: the beach and the sea were the main attractions.

The pine trees on the main road and all the plants that surround the pitches were planted in that period.

At the beginning the bungalows (the Bungalow Prima Fila!) were made out of canvas, not too different from a tent, later they became wooden bungalows and only at the beginning of the 70’s they were built out of brick.


In 1976 arrived the chalet, followed by the mobile homes in the ‘80s.

In the ’90s we had a riding school and in the pinewood were located a minigolf and a playground for children.

In 1992 some pitches had to be given up for the swimming pools (all trees were replanted!) and the spaces on the campsite were redistributed. In 2005 came our pirate boat which is so popular among our young guests.


Today Camping Ca’Savio has changed and so have its guests.


Our guests keep choosing Camping Ca’Savio, because it has still remained a genuine campsite, a place where you can spend outdoor life with your family in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.


As now a days not everybody is used to live a simple life, we have improved our services  (animation, bicycle rent, taxi transfer ...) and created a Customer care office to help out our guests and give them all the assistance they need during their holiday.

The campsite, located in a special natural context, takes care of the environment in many ways like recycling garbage, avoiding waste of water and energy with flow reducers and low power lighting, limiting the use of air conditioning and reducing emissions with the use of alternative means of transport.


What are our future projects? There will be new play areas and spaces for entertainment, new facilities and most of all we will keep on remaining Camping Ca’Savio as most of our guests love it this way!


PS: If you remember the way we were, send us some pictures and memories.