Teenagers @Ca’Savio

Camping with young kids is pretty simple. They find insect hunting, tents, and ghost stories with mum and dad oh-so-exciting! But, a holiday with teenagers can sometimes be more difficult.

In fact, many of us find that even planning a family holiday with teens is just excruciating, so how is it ever possible to enjoy an outdoor adventure if you cannot plan the event without headache? Stress no more, we have some great tips to help you out this year.

Avoid boredom at all costs

“No, I don’t want that, it’s for babies”. How often have you not heard that one? We understand that kids and teenagers are different, so we have a wide variety of activities and sports on offer for our teenagers! From volleyball and football to just ‘hanging out’ together. All the activities are organised by our PLUS staff and include also the training at our football school and daily volley tournaments on the beach.

Camping Ca Savio beach volley teenagers

Aim for somewhere with guests their own age

“There is no one my age here, Mama!” We know that one too. Luckily, we have guests of all ages and from all parts of the world so your teenager won’t be alone and might even pick up a few words of another language.

Know what’s cool

The life of a teenager is hard enough by itself, and we know that being ‘cool’ is part of the lifestyle. Our PLUS animation team are all young adults and therefore able to relate with our teenagers in a good way. Some days being cool means doing nothing with the group, just hangin’ is an activity too, you know :)

Appeal to their interests

“You don’t even know me, Dad.” It’s almost like a catchphrase for our teenagers. We get it, not everything inside a campsite interests them, that’s why we have some cool things to do outside the campsite as well! A stand-up paddle tour on the beach or a kayak trip in the lagoon might just bring you back in the good books for a day!

CaSavio_ sup teenagers

Overall, a holiday with teens is hard but Camping Ca’Savio offers a wide variety of activities and solutions that allow you to have a holiday as well as your children. Which is equally as important if you want to survive the rest of the year!