Winter camping in the Lagoon

Did you know that the Lagoon of Venice acts as campsite in Winter? Yes, it is true, during the quiet winter months, our beautiful Lagoon turns into the biggest campsite of Europe. All sorts of nationalities and visitors come and stay.

We can hear you thinking right now… But how, uhm what? let us explain.



birds cavallino lagoon

”The Lagoon of Venice is one of the most important wetlands in Italy for wintering, migrant and breeding waterbirds. Wintering birds are those that breed in the far north, and then flee the cold of the central European winter to spend the winter in the Adriatic. Migrants are those which have wintered even farther south, sometimes south of the Sahara, and pass through the Lagoon on their way North in spring, and again on their way South in autumn. Breeding birds are those which nest on the Lagoon; they may also spend the winter on the Lagoon, or may come to the Lagoon from the south. Thus, the Lagoon is a vital link in the international process of bird migration, and indeed one of the most important feeding stations where birds rest and refuel on their journeys along international flyways. It might be likened to a „major service station” on an inter-European motorway.” (

This is one of the reasons why we are so proud of the Lagoon, and so lucky to have this unique part of nature so close by. In winter and in summer the beauty of Lagoon and of its flying and swimming visitors brings tremendous natural beauty.

cavallino inverno
lagoon venice winter

For upcoming season, we have made it our mission to try and inform you as much as we can about our local area, and of course, through our uniquely created bike ride and other forms of Slow Travel, we will share with you the wonders that are hidden around! We want to look further into the natural beauty that these unique wetlands are and propose you, our guests a new way of looking at our little corner in the Venetian Lagoon.

Keep following our channels and blog for more info the upcoming months about the lagoon.