Ca’Savio PLUS

Welcome to Ca’Savio PLUS, the entertainment channel of Camping Ca’Savio.

Ca’Savio PLUS is the online extension of Camping Ca’Savio, a channel where we share loads of videos and activities all year round.

These videos and activities are produced @ Home and in the Campsite, and you can watch Ca’Savio PLUS everywhere on your phone, tablet or TV. Endless entertainment for the whole family means: 2 new PLUS originals a month, every month!

Start now and brighten up your day, with the many activities for the whole family. Follow us!

Happy Disco n.1

Dance Like nobody's watching

Italian Lesson n.1

Il calendario | Der Kalender | The calendar

Ca'Savio PLUS 2021

Video teaser

Italian Lesson n.2

Gli esploratori/Die Entdecker/The explorers