Toilet facilities

At Camping Ca’Savio there are 3 toilets buildings, located in different areas of the campsite, available for guests who stay on different type of camping pitches or glamping tents.


One toilet block is located in the first part of the campsite, near the main swimming pool, the second one can be reached from str. 13 and the third one is placed near to the pitches of the area C and accessible from str. 41.
The toilet facilities are organized in cubicles, each one equipped with wc, shower and washbasin together, to give you all privacy you need. Inside each toilet building are available also washbasin in a row, with shelves and mirrors.


In the outer side, outdoor but sheltered from sun or rain, you can find sinks to wash the dishes, maybe while having a chat with a neighbor, and others dedicated to washing clothes. If you prefer to use a washing machine, in every toilet building you can find more it than one.
All guests who stay on pitches and need to empty the toilet cassette of their caravan can find in each toilet building a specific and dedicate area with the sign WC Kimik.