Restaurant and bar

During a holiday often memories are created during lunches and dinner, whereby family and friends get together and time doesn’t matter anymore. A good glass of wine and nice food in open air atmosphere always help, at Ca’Savio you find just that.

All different food experiences are available at Camping Ca’Savio. The restyled restaurant, the kiosk at str. 13, where we have the other swimming pool area is great for an ice cream or various drink option, the piazza at str. 37 has a variety of hot and cold take away options, plus delicious pizzas. Between our reception and supermarket, you find a great breakfast and aperitif bar, and to best enjoy the evening shows: a bar near the stage.

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Our restyled restaurant with an a la carte menu offers the option of seating indoor with air-con or outdoor in our beautiful garden, filled with plants and flowers and loads of open space for the kids to play.

You find our traditional Italian kitchen plus an international selection, and of course the choice of the chef as well as many local specialties with shellfishes and fresh fish with vegetables, always served together with the great Italian wines.

The kiosk in str. 13 next to our swimming pool in the pinewood is ideal for drinks with the family or a snack at lunchtime with an ice cream on top. The area is arranged with tables and chairs for your comfort.

From the early afternoon until late evening the street food area at str. 37 is there for delicious burgers and other hot and cold take away options, plus your favorite pizzas, to eat in the square with friends and family, or to enjoy on your pitch or the veranda of your mobil home.

On our way to a more sustainable future, an important step has been to try and eliminate plastic from our communal areas. We have made a start with our kiosks.

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