Stepping on a journey towards a future-ready campsite tourism

Here at Camping Ca’Savio we love what we do – to co-create and share unique experiences with our guests in this beautiful place between the Adriatic sea and the Venice lagoon. A campsite leaves its footprint on nature and the local communities – we aim to make it as much of a positive footprint as possible. We depend on local services provided by ecosystems, such as fresh drinking water, clean air to breath, regionally grown healthy food, silence at night, clean sea water, and beautiful view to the stars at night. One of our long-term goals is to preserve the natural and social environment here, and to co-live in a regenerative way. A tourism experience in close connection with the place, with nature and the people is a joint creation and requires all of us to collaborate on the journey to sustain this place and make camping future-ready.

Camping Ca’Savio has been engaging in this journey for many years and recently decided to join forces in a partnership to walk the pathway towards regenerative practices together. The transition to a more sustainable way of doing business, the local implementation of the Global Sustainable Development Goals, and eventually designing a regenerative campsite culture are long-term, complex and collaborative processes. It is a journey together with you, the guest; and with external partners.

What are more sustainable approaches for future-ready ways of camping?

With that question in mind we arrived a few months ago at the Monviso Institute in Ostana, in the Po Valley, right upstream at the source of the river Po, which joins the Adriatic sea just some km South of here. We are aware that, given the current situation in the world, something has to change, also for us, and right now. But we found it hard to imagine what is necessary to do, what is possible, and how we can implement real change. From here a powerful partnership was born and the path towards a more sustainable way of camping started.

Stepping Stones

Pairing the scientific expertise and real-world implementation experience of the partnering Monviso Institute with the vision and local knowledge of the Vianello family at Camping Ca’Savio, we started to take a “view from above” on our current state of connectedness at Camping Ca’Savio – connectedness with nature, guests, local communities, ourselves. We began to better understand where we are standing today, and how we could walk the pathway to a future-ready camping business and to identify concrete first steps, that we call stepping stones. Such single steps are activities, places or projects that need to be connected to synergize with each other and connect to a greater system. A system that forms a pathway, to allow for a journey, to grow so strong that it can sustain a future-ready, regenerative campsite operation. From this sprouted the new initiative #InterconnectedCaSavio.

The first step in this new initiative is making our guests aware of thestepping stoneswe already have at the campsite. Stepping stones in nature are ecological habitats, places where specific species live, retreat and migrate; their ecological value increases and survives only if connected and thus less fragmented, to allow for exchange of resources and of genetic diversity.

The journey towards a future-ready camping experience can only be done together, so we invite you to join and give us your feedback.
Here you can find more information on the ecological stepping stones concept.

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