How to get to Venice

Reach Punta Sabbioni (about 5 km far from the campsite) where you can take a motorship to Venice every half an hour. The journey takes about 40 minutes and takes you past the nice gardens of “Giardini della Biennale”, across St Mark's wide basin with St George's Island on the far left, and drops you off just a short walk from the Doge's Palace.


From Camping Ca’ Savio you can get to Punta Sabbioni:

  • by bus: the bus stop is in the centre of Ca' Savio, a few metres from the main crossroads, and it takes just 10 minutes to walk there
  • by bicycle: ride along Via di Ca' Savio to roundabout, then turn left and ride down Via Fausta towards Punta Sabbioni. A cycle path leads to the wharf
  • by car: drive along via di Ca’ Savio and turn left in Via Adige. Go along the street and turn right in Via Tagliamento and at the junction with via Fausta turn left in direction of Punta Sabbioni. You can leave your car in the paying car park nearby the wharf of Punta Sabbioni.


You can buy tickets at the Customer Care office of the campsite:

  • Children up to the age of 4 travel free of charge.
  • Return ticket for bus + motorship: 19 €
  • 24h ticket for bus+motorship+water buses around Venice: 24 €.


If you prefer to take your own car to the wharf, or cycle there, you will need to buy the ticket for the motorship from the ACTV ticket office in Punta Sabbioni itself.
Ticket: 7.50 €