Cavallino Treporti

The area offers an astounding variety of natural environments.
Anyone staying at Camping Ca' Savio will be familiar with the beach, whose dunes are home to a remarkable wealth of animal (birds, molluscs,...) and plant species (willows, rushes, wild orchids…).
The campsite lies in an area dominated by pine forest, where specimens of stone pine, black pine, brown pine and Aleppo pine are to be found.
While these are the environments our guests are most familiar with, not everyone will have ventured beyond the campsite's rear boundary: in less than 5 km, you enter a unique environment that is definitely worth a visit, namely the lagoon.


What to see


In the area of Cavallino there are abandoned military buildings (coastal batteries, powder magazines, barracks, shelters.. ) which were used several times in the last two centuries to defend Venice and the surroundings. 

Now you can explore the territory of Cavallino and its buildings thanks to a new mobile app ("Cavallino Time Travel").


The center of Treporti

The village of Treporti was built on two islands connected to the peninsula of Cavallino though the bridge on the Pordelio canal.

We suggest you a visit to the fish valley of Saccagnana, some old farms and the Holy Trinity Church in the center of the village (end ‘600).

Lio Piccolo

The ancient and picturesque agricultural village is reachable from Treporti, through a scenic road surrounded by fish valleys and sandbanks.

Le Mesole
Mesole is a strip of land between Lio Piccolo and the coastline and it is an important agricultural center of the lagoon where you can admire an important population of fowl.


What to do

Excursion Lio Piccolo by bicycle

Shopping: we recommend a trip to

  • Cavallino market (the market area is easy to reach following the cycle path along Via Fausta): Tuesday mornings 
  • Treporti: Thursday mornings
  • Jesolo Paese: Friday mornings.