Cavallino Treporti bike ride route: “Going the whole length”

This last bike route from Camping Ca’Savio will make you discover the most. It takes you the full length and width of the peninsula. This time not towards Venice, but the other direction, to the town of Cavallino.

Route 3. Going the whole length

First stop is almost straight out of the door. Batteria Pisani is an open-air museum, showing you the stories of past wars and events in a historical way. From here our route brings you past several other historical buildings and following the coast line after a nice bike ride you will arrive at the lighthouse of Cavallino. The perfect place for a cool down dip in the sea.

batteria-pisani cavallino

From here we continue our route towards the lagoon side of the peninsula, and start a course of little back routes inland with occasional views of the lagoon, but first the opportunity for some great food or a beverage in an historic location, Locanda alle Porte 1632. The old customs house offers a beautiful romantic atmosphere…

locanda cavallino

From here we go to the main square of Cavallino and you have the opportunity to book an electric boat or canoe experience with @laguniamo and discover the lagoon in more detail.

farmers cavallino

And after we ride into the heart of our island, with small winey routes taking you from farmers’ fields through to little canals. A true insight into the local life.

canale casson 2

The whole route will take you an afternoon, so we advise to bring some water and a sun head.