How to reach Camping Ca’Savio avoiding road traffic

Camping Ca’Savio is located on the peninsula of Cavallino Treporti and can be reached by car.
From the motorway, you need first to reach Jesolo Lido and later to go further in direction of Cavallino-Treporti.
On week-end you could find slowing down and queues in Jesolo, so in case of traffic jam, instead of drive along Via Roma Destra in direction of Punta Sabbioni, we suggest you to go on the parallel road that from Piazza Brescia, trough Viale Padania, leads at the foot of the bridge between Jesolo and Cavallino.

After the bridge of Cavallino-Treporti

After the bridge on the river Sile, you can choose to go along Via Fausta, a long boulevard that going through the entire peninsula of Cavallino, crossing the villages of Ca’ Ballarin, Ca’ Di Valle, Ca’ Pasquali until Punta Sabbioni.

There is the other option to driving along via Pordelio, a road with less traffic and an amazing view on the lagoon, but it can be inconvenient for those towing a caravan because of the tight turns and narrow space.

When arriving in the campsite

We advise you against arrival on Saturday, in high season, but if you need to travel on week-end it’s better if you arrive in the morning. To grant to our guests absolute freedom while planning the journey, since may years we give the opportunity of daily arrival and not only on Saturday!

The campsite reception is open from 7.00 in the morning and you can check-in immediately and start your holiday!

Ready for holiday!

While waiting to get in your bungalow, chalets, mobile homes, lodge, glamping tents or Airstream Caravan, you can go to the swimming pools and to the beach, drink a real Italian cappuccino or eat something at the restaurant.